One Day in Seville

Seville, Spain Bus: €29.70 bus from Granada to Seville. This bus ride was much better than the overnight bus for a few reasons. 1) It was less crowded, 2) it was only 3 hours during the day time, and 3) I didn't lose anything. The views weren't as miraculous as they were on the way to… Continue reading One Day in Seville


Travel Mishaps

Last May, I went to Europe with one of my best friends (see below) and we had more fun you could imagine.... BUT We learned just how bad at the actual travel part we are.... We never actually missed anything but we honestly would have deserved it if we did. #1 Katie and Kruti (@katieandkruti) to Portugal:… Continue reading Travel Mishaps

Word of the Year 2019

I saw a girl I follow on Instagram (@_courtneysfitlife_) post what her word of the year was. I didn't realize it was a big trend that people do every year, but I thought it was really cool and decided to pick one for myself. TIME I chose time because it's something I really struggled with… Continue reading Word of the Year 2019

New Years Resolutions

New Years Eve is my favorite holiday of the entire year, and I've found that the new year really excites me. I've never fully made resolutions before that actually meant something to me, but this year a few ideas came to me on their own. So yes, another resolution post!!! Will I continue past January?… Continue reading New Years Resolutions

2 Days in Granada

Granada, Spain Bus: €41.50 overnight bus from Lisbon with a stop in Seville. It was definitely a cost-effective decision, but it was about as comfortable as it sounds for a good night's sleep. Once the sun came up, the views of the mountains and countryside made up for the lack of sleep. 10/10 recommend taking… Continue reading 2 Days in Granada

Senior Year Checklist

Five days ago, I finished my third year at UNC and a whirlwind of emotions filled my head. I'm writing this on Mother's Day which just amplifies these emotions because it reminds me that I will be graduating from college when this day comes back around. The past three years have been as far from… Continue reading Senior Year Checklist